Celebrating Dental Hygienists During National Dental Hygiene Month

Our team at Smiles Dental is dedicated to your smile and your oral health. We take pride in providing you with the best oral care imaginable and that would not be possible without our wonderful dental hygienists.

This month we are happy to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month, which is the month of October! This year is an exciting year because it is the 100 year anniversary of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. To celebrate our hygienists and all of their hard work, we want to bust some common myths about their job.

Myth No. 1: Anyone can be a hygienist.
No, not everyone can be a hygienist. In order to work as a hygienist, you must first attend an accredited college. Many people get accepted into the schools, but the spots are tight and the competition is fierce. This is because there are a lot more applicants than there are spots available. After attending school and earning your degree, you would then have to pass your national board exams, clinical regional exams, and written state exams. Once you pass each exam, you will need to apply for a state license with the Board of Dentistry before you can care for anyone’s smile.

Myth No. 2: The hygienists’ job is to nag patients about flossing.
Our hygienists’ favorite thing to see is a smile that has been constantly flossed, but many people skip that step of their oral hygiene routine. The reason why hygienists love flossers so much is because it can be extremely dangerous and unhealthy if you do not floss. Refusing to floss can lead to oral diseases, like periodontal disease. Hygienists care about you and your oral health, and it is their job to help you understand the results of your oral health habits. We never mean to nag, but we do want to educate you on the importance of flossing and maintaining healthy teeth.

Myth No. 3: Your pain is our gain.
Our hygienists NEVER want to or mean to cause you pain. The media and movies can portray hygienists and dentists as scary and heartless people, but here at Smiles Dental, our hygienists strive to give you and your family members a comfortable experience. Taking care of your teeth should be painless, fun, and enjoyable. Patients with healthy smiles look forward to visiting us, so make your appointment today by calling our friendly office staff!

Myth No. 4: Hygienists only clean teeth.
Cleaning teeth and scraping tartar from smiles is part of our hygienists’ daily routine, but in a full day’s work, our hygienists do so much more. They examine your medical history, give oral hygiene instructions, suggest beneficial dental care products, take dental X-rays, teach patients, make new patients feel welcome, provide anesthetics, answer questions, help you feel comfortable, place sealants, reduce anxiety, apply fluoride, and provide a personalized and heart-warming conversation. They also do their best to learn more each day so they can help you reach your smile goals.