Take Care of Your Night Guard and It Will Take Care of You

If you suffer from bruxism (also known as teething grinding or clenching), you may be familiar with the value of your custom made night guard. It absorbs the pressure and friction of your teeth, but it needs your time and attention to sufficiently do its job. Without proper care, your night guard will become unsanitary and will wear out faster.

Your night guard spends all night in your mouth, so it needs a good flushing each morning to keep it clean. Rinsing it in cool water will remove any saliva or bacteria that may have accumulated overnight.

Once a week, you should deep clean your night guard to prevent a buildup of germs. You can choose from several different methods: toothpaste and a toothbrush, mouthwash, soap and water, mouth guard cleansing tablets and powders, or dental sanitizing devices. If you’re unsure which method to choose, ask our dentists for advice.

Along with deep cleans, weekly examinations will help you detect signs of wear and tear. Night guards are built to withstand constant pressure and grinding, but they can wear out or break down over time. If you suspect your night guard is damaged, contact Smiles Dental for a replacement.

After you clean and examine your night guard, you should store it in its case to prevent contamination. Make sure the case is clean and dry, or else it could breed bacteria. Avoid stashing the case in a damp, stuffy area; otherwise, the plastic material of the night guard may warp and become unusable.

At Smiles Dental, we’re happy to meet with you if you have questions or concerns. For more information about night guards in Roseburg, Oregon, contact our office at 541.673.3552. Remember, your night guard is an important part of your dental routine and needs to be treated with care.